I Have Found the One Whom My Soul Loves

Have you ever been so in love that you can’t stop talking about the person? Well, that’s how I feel about God.

He takes me up and loves me the way only He can. My heart overflows with gratitude as I find rest in His warm embrace. There is nowhere else that I would rather be, nothing and no one can give me what He can. He transports me! I can’t contain the joy and sweet freedom that I feel in the fullness of my chest as His overflowing grace pours into me, so I smile in thought of Him. He is the one that I want. I love Him!

Before Him, I searched for love in all the wrong places till I came to my end. There, He found me as I bowed down. In my darkest hour, He took me up and gave me grace in exchange for all of my mess. He is patient with me. He loves me and views me as beautiful even at my worst, and I am grateful for His unconditional love. With Him, I feel secure because I know His loyalty to me is true when He promises that He will always love me. I belong to Him, and His perfect love completes me. He doesn’t study me because He already knows me through and through–He made me. He tells me all that I am, and I feel confident and radiant.

I no longer walk around without confidence because I now know who I am and whose I am. In me, a heart of empathy that He fashioned out of my brokenness. He makes me a better person, and I want to spend forever with Him. He comforts me so that I may comfort others–He isn’t possessive or controlling. He tells me that I am a light and that I have purpose. With Him, I am free to be who I am. He loves to watch me in the fullness of all that I am as I gleefully experience life. He loves how I process life. He understands my love and appreciation for creativity and the human mind because He does too. He loves that I am inquisitive and a deep thinker–He thinks I am cute. He loves that I have an eye for detail and understands my love for fashion because He is a God of aesthetic, taste and beauty. I love to worship Him, and He loves music even more than I do. I thank Him for making me this way. He gets me–I am made in His likeness.

I have a sweet tooth, and His love is sweet like honey. He loves to do for me. He does exceedingly above and beyond for me all while knowing that I won’t ever be able to reciprocate His kind of love. He is selfless! He laid down His life for me because He is over the moon for me, and can’t stand to be apart from me. He is sacrificial love!

My love for Him began with a desire to know Him born out of necessity, but He knew me and chose me long before then. He wants me but doesn’t need me. But I can’t stand to be apart from Him because I grow restless and anxious. Only with Him do I feel whole. With Him, I feel valuable, worthy, and able.

In his arms, I feel at home. He knows my language and speaks to my heart. He whispers to my spirit, my very essence and calls me beautiful, and I blush. He tells me how special I am and He loves that I am His. His love is unmatched! His love is perfect–unfailing, forgiving, faultless, and unconditional. I find peace, security, and joy in knowing that there is nothing that I could do to get Him to stop caring and showing concern for me. He is my all in all. Others may offer me a Snickers bar, but He offers me a full buffet, and no one can keep me from Him.

As I write this, my heart feels full, like a ball of fire and heat radiates down my spine. I experience Him! I was looking for perfect love–God’s love and when I found it, I also found myself. No imperfect human could fill me. He is the only source of love that completes me. God is love, and He is perfect. His perfect love is changeless, everflowing, certain and dependable. I can cry to Him, and without saying a word, He comforts me and speaks to my heart as no one else can. He accepts me, fights for me and chooses me above all others. I rest easy knowing that He will always love me and I never have to doubt His commitment to me.

He has brought me to his banquet hall, and his banner over me is love. – Song of Solomon 2:4

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