Black Friday is Living Its Best Life…Are You?

Black Friday is right around the corner, but are the sales worth you putting off your goals?

The reality is we live in a capitalist society, and you are helping capitalists live their best lives while procrastinating on your dreams. We get distracted by propaganda programming that motivates us to spend and help corporate giants live their best lives. We think we need more, thanks to strategic marketing that takes our focus from what is most important to us, to love for material possessions that rarely brings us joy.

Disillusioned by the love of materials, many people fall into a cycle of working to keep up with the Joneses. Instead of investing in our dreams and experiences, we squander the little bit we have to drown ourselves in the physical clutter that robs us of the necessary focus and mental clarity required to lead productive lives. Many sacrifice time that could be spent with loved ones and fail to prioritize their goals in exchange for the short-term gratification of retail therapy.

So many consumers fall into the capitalists’ trap. Some people rack up debt to purchase items they don’t need. But are the deals even that great? Are you buying into a good deal or are you being sold end of the year models to meet company quotas?

Corporate giants run commercials created to make you feel like you will miss out on deals of a lifetime if you fail to maintain the status quo. But does the status quo even fit your mold? Do you care to be surrounded by stuff or would you prefer to realize your dreams by living with intention and prudently investing your hard earned funds?

You can choose to spend your money on whatever you want–you earned it. But, every decision has an associated opportunity cost. You can’t have it all simultaneously. You can spend your life drowning with stuff, or you can spend on what brings you joy and adds value to your life. I hope that you spend wisely this holiday season.

Putting your dreams on the back-burner to help corporations live their best lives is a serious faux pas. You deserve to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life! There is no substitute for you. Who are the Joneses anyways and have they paid any of your bills?

Money is a valuable resource and what you appreciate appreciates. – Brave

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