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Wholesome Culture is a sustainable and ethical fashion company dedicated to inspiring a plant-based and cruelty-free lifestyle. Wholesome Culture delivers quality products with meaning and maintains a brand developed to provide an encouraging emotional experience and sense of community. They are committed to educating and motivating their consumers to continue the conversation beyond their blog to bring about social and environmental awareness. They’re a company with a pulse!

Their company is more than a fanciful entity created to live in the minds of consumers, it is human in nature. They personify the company by sharing their passion and motivations, life experience, and story behind some of their products on their website, blog and email feed. In time, I felt as if we were good friends because their brand messages motivate me to feel safe and develop a sense of trust; talk about building customer loyalty! After all, it is more expensive to get a new customer than it is to nurture and maintain a connection with an old one. They aren’t playing around!

They are a business with a mission centered around the lives of animals, the health of their consumers, and the well-being of our planet.  It’s evident they’re aware that successful companies are the ones that work towards satisfying a consumer need, not ones focused on internal greed. Seriously, they are business and branding geniuses and do it almost seamlessly.

They print-on-demand to limit waste. On-demand printing is an environmentally friendly business model that keeps operation cost down by regulating inventory. Companies that operate under this model should have well-executed merchandise agreements with vendors to account for potential spikes in consumer demand. If it’s possible that the spike could result in demand that would be more than a particular vendor could supply, the business should hold relationships with “in case of spike” vendors for added insurance. I placed my order on September 17th and received my items on October 19th. Such a delay could negatively impact a company’s opportunity to secure potential earnings and force expenditure of profits. These profits could otherwise be used to expand and result in a drop in customer retention.

I personally didn’t mind the wait because I believe in their mission and didn’t need the items to be delivered within a set timeline. Other orders may have been time-sensitive. Imagine if I needed my items for a trip or event, the delay would likely have resulted in consumer frustration. Overall, they exercised due diligence in curing the problem and maintained healthy communication. They provided me with peace of mind, so I didn’t have to question purchase security.

However, I was disappointed with their packaging. They claim to have eco-friendly packaging, but my items came in a tan plastic envelope with each item individually packaged in clear plastic envelopes. That’s a lot of plastic! There are more sustainable packaging options out there and I hope they adopt an alternative soon.

Overall, they have a well-defined mission and understand how to use effective brand messages to generate a movement. Their products alone are creatively designed to be conversation starters. They are intentional with their visuals and the words displayed on their site. Their site is easy to navigate and no page is crowded with text or competing visuals. Their site images are clear and bright, which stimulates the minds of consumers and maintains attention and interest. I love the functionality and character of the site and enjoy how they engage with consumers via email as well as on the blog. I appreciate the feel and quality of the items and love that the color of my items didn’t fade post wash. Also, I like that they’re dedicated to donating 15 percent of profits to animal rescue organizations. So, if you love cute little animals and have the slightest interested in improving your health, give their website and blog a scan, what you decide to do from there is up to you.

“It’s all about education. Once you know the impact of your habits on your body and on the planet, you are much more likely to change. It [only] make sense to reduce meat consumption when you understand the full picture.” – Wholesome Culture

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