The Balmain Blazer & a Sustainable Fashion Money Saving Tip

I am sure that many of you are familiar with the show-stopping, double-breasted, wool-twill Balmain blazer. It has generated a lot of well-deserved attention. It is exquisitely designed and tailored. It has a peak lapel, and gorgeous elevated cut details that take it from a sporty and military masculine feel to a sophisticated style maven feel. It is both a special occasion and everyday blazer. I love it!

It retails for a whopping 2,095 dollars. Yeah, no.

It is great if you got it. But, I have a few tasks that God has placed on my heart to execute and spending that much on a blazer would demonstrate that I am acting on my own accord without respect for the purpose He has placed on my life. Heck! If I spent that much on a blazer that would be sufficient evidence to have me institutionalized. It would be evidence that I have not become a conscious shopper but a reckless shopper.

Anyways, you get the point.

Here are some photos of the beauty that stole my heart.

Literally, has me singing… “isn’t she lovely…isn’t she wonderful?” She is!!! She is divine! But as I said before, she is too expensive for my blood. Mama doesn’t want to rent forever.

Can I get an amen? lol

Let’s see it dressed up and dressed down on style icon, Emmanuelle Alt.

Now let’s look at my version of this jacket. Drum roll, please!

I purchased a vintage Christian Dior double-breasted wool-twill, military-style blazer for 100 dollars. It has the same peak label and the same cut which is visible when buttoned up. It is also designed with gold military buttons with the CD logo. That’s not even the end of it!

I don’t think it was ever worn. GASP!!! It is in perfect condition, and the quality feels as if God anointed the hands of whoever stitched it. (Jesus hand emoji) This jacket will definitely last me years, and I will likely be able to pass it on to another when that time comes.  I will be getting it tailored to better suit me which will definitely elevate any look. That’s a style tip friend–everything is better tailored.

So I saved 1,995 dollars that I can use to invest in my purpose and saved one item from potentially making it into a landfill. Sounds like a win-win!

Now, as I hate rummaging through racks, I purchased this on the online resale market. I recommend Vestiaire Collective, Poshmark, and Depop. There are several others, but those are the ones that I suggest.

I also invite you to snag some awesome deals on items that I have on my @bravetheblog Poshmark and Depop store. You will notice that the majority of my items are new with tags or were worn no more than twice.

Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will. –  Anne Klein

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