Shhhh…I’m Branding.

What the heck is a “brand”? Three words…who you are. It is the personification of your characteristics — your values, emotion, and overall vision. “Branding” is a strategic artistic process that breathes life into a marriage of abstract elements through consistent tailored interactions with your market resulting in the birth of your brand. So the personification of self does not exactly become a brand until after careful, targeted marketing known as branding.

Branding is a lot like dating. How many times have you come across someone who captivates you and makes you so nervous that you ask your friends “what should I say?” before asking the individual out or replying to their last text. Most likely, your friends responded with three words, “just be yourself.” Similarly, the branding process should make you a little nervous because putting YOURSELF out there is always uncomfortable. If you are not even slightly put-off, you need to dig deeper and be vulnerable. Demi Lovato has tapped into the most vulnerable parts of herself by transparently sharing the darkest parts of her story in her recent documentary and posting beautiful and healthy images of herself promoting introspection, growth, and self-love. Successful brands are often the most authentic. The brands who portray an image that they are brave enough to share and nothing more. You wouldn’t marry someone who you know nothing about, so don’t expect your target market to get close or to develop customer loyalty if you fail to communicate who you are.

Communication is key to successfully maintaining healthy and honest relationships, and your brand is the message you wish to communicate to your target market. Contrary to online dating, developing a brand requires more than a superficial one swipe approach, it’s deeper than that. It involves careful consideration for the individuals you wish to be in a relationship with and a clear mission. Nike certainly put thought into their powerful brand. Nike understood that fear is a common human emotion and relentlessly partner up with the likes of power-force Serena Williams and use their slogan “Just Do It” to speak their clients — empowering them to overcome fears, to own the truth of their journey, to be take-charge individuals, who “Just Do It”. Your humanized brand personality will influence consumers who share common values and attributes to prefer your brand to your competitors, and your careful maintenance of the brand’s image will nurture your cultivated consumer relationships. It is your brand that will distinguish your company or product from its rivals which is why you must present your honest self.

Remember there is no substitute for you and it is your unique character that is your trademark, your brand. It is your brand that acts as a source identifier, the concept that you own in the mind of your consumers.

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  1. Though I am not creating a literal brand, like a clothing line, I found this post really helpful! The way I see it, I am branding myself in the way that I present myself, the type of interactions I have, and the impression I leave on others. I need to always remember that I’m a walking brand because it may bring unexpected opportunities my way from people I didn’t even know I was influencing.

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