The Journey Begins

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Brave is dedicated to coming alongside emerging businesses to empower their continued creation.

Brave is a blog, written by an intellectual property and entertainment lawyer to one of America’s leading music companies. Although Brave is an attorney, Brave is not your attorney and no article post creates an attorney-client relationship. Brave’s primary purpose is to help entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry to develop business strategies by providing a fundamental understanding of intellectual property, business, and contract law.

Brave loves and finds such beauty in the human mind and seeks to encourage and fertilize the growth of the ideas of all you dreamers. In this world, too many silence who they are, their creative side, their depth, and their emotion out of fear of failure and opinions of others. The brave don’t live outwardly (for others), but from within, accepting that there is no substitute for them on this planet, which is why Brave’s slogan is “no substitute.” If not you, then who? Each one of you entrepreneurs are uniquely designed with gifts that benefit this world so allowing fear to defeat you, not only injures your being but this world.

Let’s be happy together! Let’s give your passions and visions life!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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7 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. How refreshing! I wish to be “Brave” enough to FINISH artwork that has been “almost completed” for years—then move on to present art inspirations. How do you suggest I stay accountable to personal artistic deadlines? Life seems to get in the way in meeting personal artwork projects and I put off what I love the most.

    1. Thanks for reading. Follow the blog so you don’t miss when your topic is addressed! You’re unique, there’s no substitute.

  2. Very inspiring! As a musician, sometimes making the music is the easy part. Sharing it with the world and building a fan base is the struggle. I am eager for more tips on how to promote my own original content to the target demographic and increase engagement, even for a smaller grass roots movement artist.

    1. WOW! So happy to hear that you were inspired. Thanks for reading. Brave is here for the artistic community. I invite you to follow and share with your friends.

  3. The line, “if not you, then who?,” really spoke to me. There’s so much I want to do but I keep letting other things get in the way. Thanks for the reminder that there is no substitution for my creative ideas and that if I don’t make it happen, it will stay an idea. #NoSubstitution

  4. Thank you for being brave and sharing that with me. There is absolutely no substitute for you — you are one of a kind. Thank you for reading! Be sure to follow for email notifications.

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